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Dancemind creates bespoke projects to meet the aims you have for your community or organisation. You can choose a similar project already taking place adapted to suit your needs, or something can be devised especially for you.

All projects aim to make a long term, sustainable difference to people's involvement in everyday dancing.

The primary purpose is enjoyable movement as we believe that EVERY MOVEMENT MATTERS regardless of age, ability or experience. You ask what you would like us to focus on, for example; using dance for those affected by dementia, and we’ll do our best to provide it. We are happy to work with you to design a project to meet your aims.

Please get in contact for more information and to discuss your needs.


Project case study extract: Dance and Dementia; 'Moving Memories'

Dance and Dementia at Thackley Green Day Centre, Northamptonshire (Shaw Healthcare)

Aims of the Project

To enable those affected by dementia access to a class that enables them to share experiences, enjoyment and creativity through the medium of dance, movement and music.

To explore the potential of how dance, movement and music impacts on the overall sense of well-being of those affected by dementia.


The programme was held over 36 weeks between February 2011 - February 2012 at Thackley Green Specialist Care Centre in Corby. The weekly sessions took place at the day centre which offers respite care for those affected by dementia. The sessions incorporated an hour group activity with informal time for discussion and refreshments before and after. Each session was predominately  seated and consisted of a welcoming which included activities such as singing together and a simple movement warm up aimed at awakening the group to prepare them for exploring further movement activities. The main focus of the session used movement and song to reconnect, feel a sense of embodiment, stimulate social interaction, enable self-expression and communication. The body of the sessions included props, music from different decades, improvisation, massage, mirrored movement and various social dance styles. Each session culminated in a sharing of free improvisation where participants get to dance together along with staff and carers.